May 16-22, 2019





Combining unique charm, a quest for hidden gems, warm hospitality and scenes of beauty to be explored, Españolita Trips carefully tailors unique travel experiences throughout Spain to inquisitive and discerning travelers...

What to expect


Pa amb Oli

One cannot understand cuisine in Mallorca, without knowing the concept of Pa amb Oli. The rough peasant bread is spread with ramallet tomatoes, and drizzled with olive oil, served with sobrassada, cheese, or whatever one has, since this recipe or dish after years of hardship for Mallorcan peasents.


The Sea...

One has to see Mallorca from a boat. The access to hidden coves to swim, the turquoise waters, the experience of sailing the Mediterranean...

Earthy traditional cooking

We will gather in the countryside and cook with earth pots and traditional cookware over a wood fire, all while sipping delicious wines, and exquisite charcuterie and cheeses.



The home to our Retreat is a beautiful old stone house in the Tramuntana Mountains overlooking the Sea. Surrounded by nature and hidden corners perfect for an afternoon 'siesta'.



Sleep in the most charming room and wake up with the birds singing and the heavenly sound of the sheep's bell roaming around the finca.


Make ...

We will take a workshop with local artisans and using materials sourced from the island, we will create a piece to bring back home.


If you have a sense of wanderlust, and an appreciation for beauty, these trips are for you. Here is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and experience first-hand the enriching Spanish lifestyle with Spaniards.

Together, we will embrace the healthy habits of locals, sample cooking, and engage in wine tastings, while visiting private estates which unravel the magic Spain has to offer. We will take you to places you have never seen, off the beaten path, and we will explore exquisite locations, only usually familiar to locals.  

You can find more details in our FAQ, but also feel free to contact me with any questions.




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