What are Españolita Trips?

They are all-inclusive travel experiences throughout Spain carefully designed to ensure an authentic and unique approach to discovering the charm of the country. The goal is to offer relaxed authentic experiences away from the hectic rhythm of work, and to provide inspiring memories which will last a lifetime.

We will be staying in outrageously beautiful locations, where time seems to have stopped while we discover the local artisan and culinary culture. Our activities will mainly revolve around food, cultural visits, and short adventures, making sure all our guests feel comfortable and enjoy every minute of their stay.





Founder and Host

Carmen was born and raised in Madrid. She studied at Parsons School of Design in New York. For years, she worked as an assistant art director and set designer on various films, music videos and commercials in Madrid, Morocco, New York and Los Angeles, for directors such as Milos Forman, Steven Spielberg, Ridley and Tony Scott, and Michel Gondry. More recently she has been working with Paul Thomas Anderson, as the production designer for Radiohead’s and Haim's music videos.

After settling in Los Angeles in 2008, Carmen decided to take on other projects, which would allow her to spend time with her young family. She opened Espanolita Foods, a Spanish delicatessen business distributing her own product line through local farmers markets, private events, while also teaching Paella cooking workshops.

Inspired by seeing such interest in Spanish culture, and how many conversations with her customers revolved around traveling to her country, she was determined to create a platform to support her very particular vision of Spain, and so launched Españolita.net. A website which features accounts of visits to artists’ studios, and enchanted places in Spain.

All the travels throughout Spain documenting people and locations, have irremediably pushed her to create Españolita Trips, taking her idea from concept to service.

She now offers unique and beautifully designed travel experiences to Spain, infused by her aesthetic eye and search for simple beauty.  She hosts unique itineraries, along with local partners, guiding guests to an incredible cultural immersion through food and artisans.



Co-host for the Balearic Islands

Deborah Piña is a food and culinary ambassador for Mallorca. She is an expert in culinary communication, and has worked in various fields promoting and helping businesses develop strategies for product promotion. Furthermore she has worked as a food stylist, event planner and in public relations.

She is especially intrigued by local cuisine and Mediterranean culture. But most importantly, she is passionate about local gastronomy, finding ways to share it, and is committed to the search for authenticity. Her aim is to create unique experiences for travelers searching for off-the-beaten-path itineraries, informed by her passion for food.

Originally from Mallorca, but with a French mother, her travel experiences in countries as diverse as Sierra Leone, Mongolia and México, combined with her early career as a lawyer and sociologist, have made her realize her greatest passion: communication and development of human relationships through a shared love of food. She speaks five languages: Spanish, English, Catalan, French and German. These skills allow her to be a true communicator of her culture and bring it to a wider audience.

Deborah is currently devoted to her own project, Deborah’s Culinary Island, which aims to promote culinary culture and olive oil production travel experiences. She offers services as a private chef and tour guide around the Mallorcan gastronomic patrimony, and promotes local culture through food-related itineraries. As a Mallorca food travel expert, private guide and local host, she collaborates regularly with boutique domestic and international tour operators, exclusive hotels, historic villas and with DMC agencies.


Partner with us



• Españolita provides beautifully curated travel experiences throughout Spain by discovering artisanal and culinary culture with our guests. If you think your brand or products are a good fit and you would like to join forces to find the "Spanishness" together, we would love to hear from you. Drop us a line if you think we should work together.

• We also encourage photographers, writers and journalists with an eye for simple rustic aesthetic and a love for travel, to contribute with their stories and photography, and become part of our growing community in an effort to document Spanish food and culture. Let's talk about you joining us on our next trip.


• We are constantly on the look out for local connoisseurs and co-hosts, so if you think there is a specific area of Spain, that you know well, and would love to share with us, let's talk about partnering. We could be coming to your town or village very soon. 

Our goal is to explore the most enchanted parts of Spain with our guests. If you would like to be part of this project, or can suggest somebody or somewhere, please email us.