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Coca Mallorquina

A traditional recipe by Deborah Piña


Half way between bread and pastry: Cocas are the Majorcan "flatbreads". Most likely to be related to the words “cake” in English, and “kuchen” in German, and can probably be described as an archaic form of pizza. Similar recipes are common across all the Mediterranean.

There are seasonal recipes to this dish. The most traditional variations on the island are:

•Coca de Trampó: onions, green peppers, tomato.

•Coca de Pebres torrats: roasted peppers, parsley, garlic.

•Coca de Verdura: spinach, chard, onion, ramallet tomatoes.

•Coca de ceba, sobrasada y figues: onions, figs, & sobrasada.

You can use all type of raw or cooked vegetables or cold meats. You can add them before baking or after, and once baked you can drizzle with aromatic oils or fresh herbs.

The real secret is a good dough, and the recipe to make it is very simple.

1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 cup of water
All purpose flour
A pinch of salt

In a bowl mix the liquids and add gently the flour. You should start mixing with a fork and then work the dough with your hands. Add the flour until your dough does not stick to your hands or the bowl. Leave it to rest 10 ́

Spread the dough over the mold. In Mallorca this process is done with the hands but you can use a rolling pin.


Get creative and select your toppings!!! like we did...

- Roasted aubergines with black olive tapenade and thyme 

- Caramelised onions, pear and brossat (Mallorcan Ricotta) 

- Red peppers and butifarrón crumbs

Bake for 30-40’ at 180 ºC or 350ºF keeping and eye on the golden crust, so it doesn't burn.

Cocas can be eaten warm, cold or lukewarm, they are perfect for a lunch or dinner with a salad and also a great snack.



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Carmen- Founder of Espanolita Trips

Deborah- Culinary Expert and Guide




Photography by Jessie Webster during our first Mediterranean Retreat in Mallorca, October 2017.