The Mediterranean Sea | Mallorca, Spain | Fall 2019 |

The Mediterranean Sea | Mallorca, Spain | Fall 2019 |


Carmen Ruiz de Huidobro of Españ, along with culinary expert guide & co-host, Debora Piña, of Deborah’s Culinary Island, will be hosting the fourth Españolita Retreat on October 2019,  an extraordinary 7 day/6 night journey through the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.

Guests will be able to explore with us the sea surrounding this incredible island, which will serve as our main inspiration for this trip, along with the processes of fishing, sailing and gathering.

The experiences that will make this journey magical and unique, will focus on discovering the culture of the Mediterranean through its connection to the sea. An array of activities, site visits, excursions to remote beaches, swims in coves, and delicious meals on the sand, will set the tone for this journey which will be centered on the enchanting Mediterranean way of life.

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